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Qualitative research design is by far the best in running statistical tests online nowadays. I have been visiting their site QualitativeResearchingDesign.net whenever I need someone to analyze my data for me. They do superb job!

Karen, Mexico

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Professional Qualitative Study Design

In the world of qualitative study design, we lead the pack. We have been in market for quite a while, over a decade. We have a know how and the professionalism to carry out professional qualitative study design for our clients. In our record, you will find that we have done qualitative research for most if not all the different fields in the business world.

Qualitative study design

When we use our case study qualitative study design for a detailed account and analysis of one or more cases, our clients get maximum satisfaction from this method. The fundamental research question answered by this type of research is; what are the characteristics of this single case or of these comparison cases? In this case, a case is a bounded system (i.e. a person, a group, an activity, a process). Because the route of cases are interdisciplinary, many different concepts and theories can be used to describe and explain the cases. We have intrinsic case study (understanding particulars of a case), instrumental case study (understanding something more general than a case) and collective case study (studying and comparing multiple cases). Our professional researchers will study your case and know which type of case it is and handle the research accordingly.

Study design in qualitative research

Our professionals will turn to the grounded theory of research if there is need for the development of inductive, “bottom up”, theory that is “grounded” directly in the empirical data. The question mostly answered in this kind of research is: what theory or explanation emerges from an analysis of the data collected about this phenomenon. This can be used to test or elaborate upon previously grounded theories, as long as the approach continues to be one of constantly grounding any changes in the new data. The mission of our researchers is to bring out what our clients need. It is up to the professionals to look at the question to be answered and decide which design method to be used in order to get the desired results for the client. Our data base is full of samples of previously done researches. We don’t just talk, we carry out research.